Operability Case

Process Contracting Limited has assisted Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR) to develop an "operability case" as a practical and consistent means of implementing SOLAS V Regulation 15, 2002 'Principles relating to bridge design, design and arrangement of navigational systems and equipment and bridge procedures'. This activity was part of its work under the 'ATOMOS IV' project.

A set of templates was developed for making submission statements to attest conformance to the Regulation. They include a laminated pocket card, a short form template, and a fuller template for new bridge designs. Whilst incorporating known ergonomic criteria, the approach is risk-based. A completed template is in effect an "operability case" concluding with an ALARP statement against the seven principles, supported by evidence that ergonomic criteria have been met for the factors that are directly assessable. This is not a quantitative Human Reliability Analysis. However, if all the ergonomic criteria have been met then the work system could be considered to have a reasonable Human Error Probability. On the other hand, if there is no evidence that the factors meet ergonomic criteria and are coherent as a work system, then 10-1 would be typical of the value that could be assigned.

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