Visualising, explaining and preventing organizational accidents

The well-known model of organizational accidents, the 'Swiss Cheese' Model by Jim Reason, is shown here - just outside Gruyere in the Swiss Alps (in Google Earth). It is not described here, as it is assumed that the reader will be familiar with it.

It is proposed that we need a progression to a new model. The one shown here is termed the 'Swiss Chateau' Model, below, also situated just outside Gruyere.

A paper describing the need for such a progression and outlining the Swiss Chateau Model can be downloaded from here. Low resolution version (280k pdf) and high resolution version (3 meg pdf) with better pictures.



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It is hoped that a discussion on organizational accident modelling and visualization might lead to support for a new model.


Sketchup models of these organizational accident models located in google earth can be found at:

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