Process Contracting Limited

During WW1 it took 99 men to get 1 man airborne in the German Balloon Corps. (including the cooks for the men who led the mules carrying the feed for the oxen pulling the cart carrying the balloon). This is an attempt to list the resources required to field one consultant. The list is not comprehensive, but identifies good resources, or ones that you may not have heard of.

The resources are listed as follows:


Associates, Colleagues

Process Contracting has formal links with Synergy Ergonomics, Hi-Q Systems Ltd and Quintec.

Brian is an Honorary Professor at the Digital Design Studio, Glasgow School of Art. He is a member of the ErgoShip reference group at Chalmers University.

Professional bodies, networks

Brian has taken the Cognitive Edge Accreditation course and is a member of the Cognitive Edge network.

He is a Fellow of the Ergonomics Society. He belongs to the Design Research Society, European Association of Cognitive Ergonomics, The Safety Critical Systems Club, the British HCI Group and the UK Systems Society.


As regards 'the big four' (banking, accounting, legal and insurance), it is always hard to get good recommendations, since people tend to be coy about who they use.
Process Contracting Limited is pleased to say that it is very well served in these regards.

Chromesun looks after our IT.

Our ISP is Plusnet. Systemsthatwork is hosted by Madasafish. MarESIG is hosted by Nexcess (wonderful service).

TPS have acted as our agency, and very good they are.

Moira Munro has produced wonderful illustrations for presentations.

Bruce Prochnau at Bkdesign has done really good work in connection with twiki for the MarESIG website.

Jonathan Stevens has done excellent work related to Mind mapping.

David Taylor of Parr Pottery has made us some wonderful mugs.

Crewleisurewear has made hats and clothing with the maresig logo, and supplied excellent service.

Legal templates from Contractstore.

Meeting rooms and conference facilities; excellent facilities and service from the Western House Hotel at Ayr race course.

The guidedogs recycle inkjet cartridges.


Labels from labels4kids and label planet .

Pens from Cult Pens.

Notebooks from Pen to Paper .

Archive quality CDs and DVDs from Stanley Productions.

Cable tidies from Keep-a-Cable

Photographic prints from Photobox and RGB Labs

Stationery from DrawRight in Ayr, and Viking.

We are fortunate to have Kustom PC in Ayr for computer hardware.

Printing by AdPrint in Prestwick, and Fedex Kinko's in London. Excellent large format printing by CopyprintAyr.

Audio kit from Pro Audio Systems.

Some consumables and other items from 7dayshop.

Images from Istockphoto

Web resources




Sketchup models of organizational accidents

Gliffy for shared drawings

Mindmeister for shared mind maps, and also online MindManager.

Google groups HCD-and-IT-governance and maritime-ergonomics-TC

JS-Kit for comments on web pages

Jungle Disk storage with Amazon S3

Skype for VoIP and video conferencing, and the Yugma plug-in for full video conferencing, desktop sharing etc.

Hardware facilities

The primary user interface is a HAG HO5 chair from Back in Action - tall with draughtsman's footring. Sit-stand of course.

Lighting is a Maplin 'CSI' magnifying light daylight tube. Also used for OCR scanning with camera.

Short keyboard (cheap and good - BTC from Mediamad ). I cannot envisage the risk assessment that says that a full length keyboard is acceptable.

A number of input devices (using just one all the time is bound to lead to problems). Microsoft mouse. Anire vertical mouse. Small laptop mouse. Easypen drawing tablet. Dragon speech recognition and Sony digital recorder for dictation.

Archos jukebox with FEL pre-amp and Sony microphone for audio recording. Digital cameras from Samsung and Fuji.

Laptop from Ergo. They are supposed to have very good product support, but it still isn't working (STOP error). The InsTand is good for working away from base. Standby laptop Thinkpad T43 from SterlingXS has a dodgy fan.  New laptop is a Samsung  X360. Light and shiny but as yet unproven.

New Scansnap S1500 scanner - simply amazing.

Alphasmart Dana for making notes e.g. at conferences, workshops.

The Tandy 200 is still here thanks to Club 100

Desktop built by Chromesun (Antec case, RAID array, AMD processor, NVidia graphics). Being replaced with one from Transtec.

Wireless router, network storage, UPS etc. etc.


For project management, MindManager with JVCGanttPro is very good. For research projects, trade-off studies and other investigations surrounded by uncertainty, STRAD offers the advantage of the Strategic Choice approach.

For all sorts of information management, TiddlyWiki is a huge improvement on almost anything else around. Versions by Dave Gifford seem particularly good.

For task analysis, Euterpe Treechart . For a major task analysis, I would be inclined to buy TaskArchitect.

In the past, we have used Micro SAINT by Micro Analysis & Design.

MindManager and Mindgenius are used for mind mapping.

For drawing, Smartdraw 6 is good (better than the new version).

For OCR, we are moving from Omnipage to Finereader and TopOCR. (See new scanner above)

For audio recording, editing, Audacity

For image editing, we use Photofiltre, Fireworks, Irfanview, and Microsoft Digital Image Suite (very good for photos).

For web pages, Dreamweaver and Open Office.

Foxit pdf tools are good and very reasonably priced.

Copernic desktop search (on the desktop, not the laptop). Very good, very fast, gets out of the way quickly enough from indexing.

Media playing is mostly Windows media classic and Miro